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Taxation & Assessment

Please be advised that Combined Tax and Assessment Notices will be mailed to the address provided to our office by Alberta Land Titles.  If your address has changed, it is your responsibility to contact the Land Titles Office to update your information, at which time Land Titles will inform the municipality of any changes.

Alberta Land Titles Office - 780-427-2742

Change of Address Form

Tax Notices will be mailed out before the the end of May of each calendar year and are due on July 31st of each year.  Penalties will be charged on unpaid outstanding amounts of 3% per month (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) and an 18% penalty will be charged on January 1st.  For further information please contact the Administration Office - 780-967-0271.

If you would like to appeal your assessed value, you have 60 days from the date of mailing on your Tax Notice to do so.

Please visit


Assessment 2018 for 2019 Taxes

Assessment Complaints

Assessment Review Board Complaint

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