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Development & Safety Codes

Prior to any construction you must contact the Summer Village's Development Officer to see if a Development Permit is required.

Tony Sonnleitner, Development Officer

Phone:  780-718-5479


Forms:  Development Permit


Municipal Planning Services, Planning & Subdivsion

Phone: 780-486-1991

Fax: 780-483-7326



Safety Codes Provider

Building/Gas/Plumbing/Electrical/Private Sewage

Superior Safety Codes

Ph.: 780-489-4777 or 1-866-999-4777
Fax: 780-489-4711 or 1-866-900-4711


Development Fees 

Accessory/Addititions $75.00

Sewers, Fences, etc. $50.00

Dwellings $150.00

Demolition $40.00

Commercial $300.00

Subdivision Fees

Application Fee $400.00

Additional Lots $200.00

Endorsement Fees $50.00

Letters of Compliance Fees

Standard $95.00

Rush $190.00

GST is applicable

Development Permits

20DP-44    - 6302 Shedden Drive

20DP03-44 - 6115 Poplar Place

20DP02-44 - 6502 Shedden Drive

21DP04-44 - 6108 Willow Way