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Welcome to the Summer Village of Sunrise Beach

Welcome to the The Summer Village of Sunrise Beach website.

Snow Removal Service

Once again the Summer Village is offering a Snow Removal Service. 

Fill out the attached form and mail, email or drop it off at the office.

If you have any questions please call us at 

780-967-0271 or email us at


 Snow Removal Form


Municipal Development Plan

The Summer Village of Sunrise Beach is currently part of a 3-component project along with 7 other municipalities.  One component is to adopt a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which will be a mandatory requirement for all municipalities under the Modernized Municipal Government Act.  The Municipal Development Plan is a primary document that guides the future development and growth of the whole community.  The MDP sets the vision on how to accommodate this growth responsibly and serves as an important decision-making tool for Council, administration and all stakeholders.  As a statutory plan required by the Alberta Municipal Government Act, the MDP provides direction for Council, administration, developers and builders, property-owners, residents and adjacent municipalities.   
An MDP will address several items, including:
-future land use -future development -coordination -transportation -municipal services

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